Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Improvement

  I'm told or asked often why I don't have a show on HGTV or DIY.. I certainly have the knowledge, ideas, and attitude to hot a DIY series. As long as I can remember I have had a fascination and deep need to take care of old homes and buildings. They are my passion in life. From design, salvage, carpentry, painting, wallpaper, electrical, roofing, flooring, and construction. Ive done it all. and I love it :-D

  My current project is the study in my mother's 1914 craftsman. It was dark, heavy, and dated.  The home is a good size at around 3000sq ft so she started using the room as a catch all room for storage and i don't blame her who would want to go in that depressing room. But what i feel is most sad about not using the room you cant appreciate the amazing gardens behind the house because that is the only room of the first floor with a narrow window facing the gardens..
  That's all changing!!! I will be installing a set of vintage exterior french door on the back wall of the house.
built a bookcase from 110yo tiger oak bookshelves from an old school library. Also put to use 2 old lead glass windows from a Tudor style house. this bookcase now set onto of a huge 1940's executive desk in the corner of the room.
  ever since my mother bough the house the walk in closet was missing a door and Ive all ways wanted to build a secret passage bookshelf for it. I have it on three hinges and a swiveling wheel hidden behind a faux draw front at the base.

  As for the walls in the room it was complicated matter! first i had to remove the old painted embossed wallpaper panels to get the walls smooth for all the stenciling and taping to come... I decided to go with a panel look for the walls again but only one panel per wall this time. Also chose chartreuse and aqua as the colors for the room with greys and white as the trim.