Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Improvement

  I'm told or asked often why I don't have a show on HGTV or DIY.. I certainly have the knowledge, ideas, and attitude to hot a DIY series. As long as I can remember I have had a fascination and deep need to take care of old homes and buildings. They are my passion in life. From design, salvage, carpentry, painting, wallpaper, electrical, roofing, flooring, and construction. Ive done it all. and I love it :-D

  My current project is the study in my mother's 1914 craftsman. It was dark, heavy, and dated.  The home is a good size at around 3000sq ft so she started using the room as a catch all room for storage and i don't blame her who would want to go in that depressing room. But what i feel is most sad about not using the room you cant appreciate the amazing gardens behind the house because that is the only room of the first floor with a narrow window facing the gardens..
  That's all changing!!! I will be installing a set of vintage exterior french door on the back wall of the house.
built a bookcase from 110yo tiger oak bookshelves from an old school library. Also put to use 2 old lead glass windows from a Tudor style house. this bookcase now set onto of a huge 1940's executive desk in the corner of the room.
  ever since my mother bough the house the walk in closet was missing a door and Ive all ways wanted to build a secret passage bookshelf for it. I have it on three hinges and a swiveling wheel hidden behind a faux draw front at the base.

  As for the walls in the room it was complicated matter! first i had to remove the old painted embossed wallpaper panels to get the walls smooth for all the stenciling and taping to come... I decided to go with a panel look for the walls again but only one panel per wall this time. Also chose chartreuse and aqua as the colors for the room with greys and white as the trim.


  Let me start out by saying I need to sing up and get a twitter account because i find it so hard to remember to blog. Its on my to do list along with a bunch of guys and a million home improvement project which pretty much use up my time when I'm not at the gym.
  About a month ago I was in SF for a locker room scene with Cory Jay. Man i have wanted to meet that hot, piggier, fucker for years and suck on his cock!  So that's just what I did!!! I love a large PA in the back of my throat or rubbing agents my prostate. That may be why my own PA 00gauge ;-P
   So I had bought a really freakin rad pair of special edition Adidas Jeremy Scott stars & strips kicks for the scene..Man i was pumped about wearing them... unfortunately the studio wouldn't let me wear them :(
Btw the guys that work there where a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my time. Not that you want to hear about all that behind the scenes stuff...so I'll get to my scene.

   It starts out with me as the dude who works at the guy and I'm closing up for the night. I go back to the locker room to find my fist buddy (Cory Jay) fisting a gym member on the bench. I'm so heated and pissed at Cory for playing with another mans hole I loose it! But he knows how to shut me up. That's right! shove me down, give me your fist and make me grunt and moan! I'd have to say this was an insanely hott scene with Cory and myself becaus as most people know i love sports gear, looker rooms, showers, and balls ;-P and let me tell ya we had some ffun with a football!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


  As some of you may know I have been in Athens for 6 weeks. I thought it would be nice to get a taste of what it is like living in Athens with my bf for the holidays.. meet his family and friends.. eat a lot of Greek food and sweets yumm!!!  but most of all it was wonderful to be with the one i love  :-)
  I now know Athens is not the city I want to live in but that's because architecturally speaking the city falls flat. Athens is in need of divers historic buildings to get me to fall in love with it, and lets face it  most of the city is concrete and grafittie except for the ancient ruins. I plan on being back in Athens, and this time Micanoce in late summer. who knows i may see some of you there :-)  Maybe my opinion will change with the seasons..  All though I would love to get my sexy Greek God to move to the states... maybe SoCal with me ;-)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christian Hurzog

   We all have are favorite guy in porn. Christian is my porn star crush ;-P
He is not as easy to meet as my easy going ass ... But thankfully he and his husband had be wanting to play with me.  While in Berlin I absolutely had to play with Christian! there was no way I was going to leave that city without out burring my had deep in his gut!
   I had a drank with the very sexy, beefy, couple at More the night before we where going to play. They are so sweet and funny. I wish i lived near them because they would make great friends even if we didn't play.
the following night i make it to their place, my first time using the subway in Berlin.. not too hard. Anyway, I get there and only Christian can play, I was really hoping to play with them as a couple but there is all ways next time.
   Christian Hurzog is everything i had hoped he would be in more! his cunt sucked my arm elbow deep in his hot muscle ass,  and i loved kissing him and the eye contact he gave me with his kind blue eyes ass he ravaged my ass. Now i know what it's like to feel my porn star crush and i can't wait till next time the 3 of us play!!! ;-D


   WOW! its the best way to describe my experience in Berlin .
I arrived the Saturday of the street fair.. that was all right but a slow start in comparison of the night to come....
  I was staying with my friend Tony"Amerifist" for the week and that speaks highly of what a great guy he is :)
Tony, myself ,and another hot bttm went out that night to the fist party at the Lab.  Me being as out-going as I am wanted to put on a little show for the guys there so I rode both of Amerifist's fist while hang from a bar where everyone could enjoy the view of me bouncing my ass up and down on his huge paws, and let me tell you its felt AmAziNg! After that I played with a number of different guys getting my fill of fist.
       Then I took a break to watch Tony fist an impressive bttm. It was hot but what caught my eye was the gorgeous Greek God standing next to me. Honestly I was a little shy to ask a guy that handsome to play but i did, and he stuttered with what he was going to say. At that very moment i thought he was going to turn me down. He managed to get the word YES out.
     I was in heaven from that point on fisting his deep hole and eating his prolapsed rose. Then he went to town on gutting me out! somewhere in that fist frenzy we had created i heard him mutter the words Merry Me. Now I've been proposed to several times like this but i never take it that seriously because that's lust speaking. All though in my head i was screaming YES YES YES!... I just gave him a good long kiss as my answer as his arm was deep in me.
       We where inseparable for then on.. He, his two friends, and I went to the Pig Party after and that was hot to watch all the gang bangs and it was ffun for the four of us to show what we can do with are holes ;-) The Pig Party lasted until we had to leave around 9am.. That was fine with me because i was tired and my cunt was sore from my Greek God fisting and fucking me all night. All i wanted to do was get that rubber tank off and shower off all the dried up j-lube that had covered my ass and down my legs and crash holding my new stud.
      I felt like the luckiest man on earth because the lust was beginning to fade and our connection grew stronger. I would like to think my last minute decision to get a flight to Berlin was meant to be, just as i think he and I are meant to be together :-D.  What can I say, things happen for a reason.
      Now I am seriously thinking about moving to Athens to be with him, but don't worry guys! he has captured my heart but my ass is still open for business ;-P

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ram and cram

I'm really disapointed in the quality of my fav. plug the xl Ram and Cram! I loved how that fucker would fill me up, but it's base split and cracked a third of the way up the toy....  Guess i got my 98 bucks worth but im going to miss it filling my cavern. Sad day :'(


If your a big fan of Amerifist like i am you should check out are new vid togeather!
What an expierence i had! My First time out to SF and i end up with both of Amerifist's huge paws gutting out my insides! Naturally he has me grunting and moaning from the reckless double punching my gaping, boy-pussy was enduring.  i loved every moment as he turned my hole into something like a warm bowl of mashed potatos causing me to cum without touching my pierced cock.
Looking forward to another session with him ;-P